Nepal Land and Housing Developers’ Association is hereby established with the main objective of making organized effort and representation for: protecting and promoting the rights and interests of land and housing organizations, which are established and to be established in the future in the country, operating necessary programs and activities in organized way, and solving the problems appeared in this sector.


The Association shall have the following objectives:

  • To protect or cause to be protected the rights and interests of individual, firm, company and their concerned consumers who are involved in the businesses of transaction and development of land and housing (real estate) in Nepal.
  • To expand the businesses of land and housing development as per national need and changing context along with proper management and strengthening of organizations/associations who are involved in developing land and housing in the country, and thereby extend a solid contribution in strengthening the national economy by developing this sector.
  • To invest capital within Nepal in land and housing development programs/projects and protect as well as promote the rights and interests of individual, firm, company and entrepreneurs involved in the businesses.
  • To provide necessary advice and suggestions to Nepal Government for policy formulation on land and housing development.
  • To provide suggestions to Nepal Government and the bodies concerned for formulation and improvement of proper and useful laws relating to land and housing development.
  • To provide advice and suggestions to Nepal Government for managed urban development and settlement by banning the construction of unhealthy, unscientific and haphazardly constructed houses.
  • To provide advice and give/receive support to/from concerned bodies of Nepal Government for infrastructure development required for land and housing development.
  • To create an environment of security and trust for the purchasers of land and houses sold or unsold by company or firm.
  • To be active for making coordination in the planning of land development and housing management of the concerned bodies of Nepal Government.
  • To make request with Nepal Government for implementing the necessary plans on land and housing development.
  • To make recommendation for providing special facilities to such a member who implements any such plans as land and housing development subject to protecting and preserving environment.
  • To make request and provide support to Nepal Government for taking part in training and seminars on land and housing development to be organized in the country and abroad, and conduct such training and seminars.
  • To affiliate with international land and housing developers' associations/organizations after obtaining approval from Nepal Government.
  • To make necessary recommendation for simplification of loan flow by banks and financial institutions as per the demands of members of association.
  • To perform such functions as to generate and possess property, receive or give grant and donation, file lawsuit, defend and make counter claim, maintain relations, recruit necessary employees on any terms and conditions for the association, obtain experts' services.
  • To create public support and mobilize the people by appropriate essential means for formulation and improvement of laws on land and housing development.
  • To perform any other functions required for achieving the objectives of the association.